BASI LFTL'19 Workshop Presenter Natascha Eyber Writes on her Pilates Experience
08 Oct

When I started with Pilates 2003 in Salzburg, Austria, I had the big privilege to have Rael as my teacher for the course and study directly with him. What a gift! I admired Rael’s Swan dive and heard him saying: “You have to do back extension when you teach Pilates! Never neglect it because it will get less and less when people age!”

BASI LFTL'19 Workshop Presenter Adriana Perez Talks about LFTL
30 Sep

I am very excited to be attending and presenting at the 2019 LFTL BASI Pilates conference. This is going to be a wonderful year to celebrate BASI Pilates 30 years anniversary. The conference is a great time to come together as BASI family to share our common love for the Pilates practice.

Read Christina Flynn's Thoughts on Attending LFTL 2016
24 Sep

This past April I attended my first BASI Learn From the Leaders Conference at the beautiful Hyatt Regency Hotel in Newport Beach, California. I was not prepared for how absolutely amazing this weekend of learning would be! What I love about the BASI family is that there are students and teachers that live and teach all over the world.

The Art of Life and Movement- August 2018
14 Sep

August was an exciting time for BASI Pilates especially BASI HQ. In this month's newsletter, we are sharing our fondest moments from our Grand Opening in Newport Beach, a visionary article and upcoming programs to ignite the fire in you.
We hope you enjoy!
The BASI Pilates Team

Read BASI Faculty and LFTL'19 Presenter Sheri Long's Interview
11 Sep

BASI Pilates Italy interviewed our senior faculty member Sheri Long on her recent trip to Italy about her experiences as a Pilates instructor and lifelong journey of learning.