A Country Divided, A Community Divided
29 Oct

Whatever side of the political spectrum you sit, no one can deny the “tribalism” that exists in America today. We have been forced to take sides and have been driven to the extremes of those sides. It is with sadness that I observe that the Pilates community is a microcosm of the tribalism we see in politics.

BASI Faculty Ed Botha, Shares His Mentor Program Experience
24 Oct

This September I made the journey from Sydney to Newport to attend the Mentor Program. There were a couple of reasons why this trip proved to be extra special. Firstly, I was given the opportunity to assist on the Program, which is obviously any BASI faculty’s dream come true.

BASI Faculty Brandon Gamble talks about  LFTL
12 Oct

Brandon Gamble, along with other high success presenters, will be a Workshop Presenter at BASI LFTL'19 and will manage the Sweat on Mat workshop.

Don’t miss the opportunity to study with true leaders in the field of Pilates and register now to benefit from the advantageous of Early Bird offers.

The Art and Science of Human Movement & Innovation - September 2018
10 Oct

September is always a month of activity and BASI had a lot happening this month as well. In this month's newsletter, we are sharing some special moments from our recent Mentor Program, new videos, programs around the globe and insights into our BASI community.

Get ready for the new season with BASI!

Sincerely, The BASI Pilates Team

BASI LFTL'19 Workshop Presenter Natascha Eyber Writes on her Pilates Experience
08 Oct

When I started with Pilates 2003 in Salzburg, Austria, I had the big privilege to have Rael as my teacher for the course and study directly with him. What a gift! I admired Rael’s Swan dive and heard him saying: “You have to do back extension when you teach Pilates! Never neglect it because it will get less and less when people age!”