Your Pilates Guide to November
14 Dec

November was a month full of exciting, Pilates-filled activities around the world. This issue features highlights and videos from Rael's Mentor Program in Italy and the ProBridge Program at BASI Academy & Studio in Newport Beach. It also includes a heartfelt letter from Theo Botha about the LFTL SA experience. In addition, check out the new Q&A Series with Rael, as well as the latest news from the BASI community around the globe.

Bringing the Study of Neuroscience to Pilates at LFTL
04 Dec

Our Pilates careers have always been about studying human movement and diving deeper into the reasons our bodies move effortlessly…..or not! Studying biomechanics is crucial for understanding movement, but
The ……..BRAIN!!!!

For the Love of Pilates - Thank you!
28 Nov

When you hear the word symposium or conference, the normal inclination is to dread the long periods of sitting and visualising death by power-point. This event was different – very different. “The BASI family”, a term we often refer to, to express how supportive and close-knitted we all are although scattered all over the world. This Symposium was indeed like a reunion of brothers and sisters.

Theo Botha tells us about BASI LFTL.
15 Nov

Coming together with likeminded professionals with who you share a common goal... Learning more, from each other, about what you feel passionate about... I am really excited to join again this year BASI LFTL and I can not wait to meet BASI family.

Your Pilates Guide to October
13 Nov

October was another month filled with exciting activities around the globe. This month we are sharing Rael Isacowitz's interview with Voll Pilates, plus Issue #2 of the BASI Gazette, brand new videos, highlights from Rael's Mentor Program in Italy, upcoming programs around the world, and awesome features from the BASI community.

The BASI Pilates Team