Your First Newsletter of 2019
10 Jan

We are thankful to you, our BASI Family, for making this year amazing! Thank you for being with us.
Cheers to 2019! Love,
The BASI Team

Interview with Veronika Reinert, our International Host Administrator, about her ProBridge Program experience
02 Jan

How long have you been a Pilates instructor?
I completed my first Pilates certification in 2007, so I'm at 11 years.

Learn From the Leaders by Cindy Reid
18 Dec

I have had the opportunity to participate at many Pilates conferences, both as a student and a teacher. And I'm happy to see these conferences are going strong. The experience of learning among piers, from a seasoned presenter cannot be compared to studying a text or video.

The Ten Principles
17 Dec

In his book, Joseph Pilates said, “Since we live in this Modern Age we must of necessity devote more time and more thought to the important matter of acquiring physical fitness.”

Your Pilates Guide to November
14 Dec

November was a month full of exciting, Pilates-filled activities around the world. This issue features highlights and videos from Rael's Mentor Program in Italy and the ProBridge Program at BASI Academy & Studio in Newport Beach. It also includes a heartfelt letter from Theo Botha about the LFTL SA experience. In addition, check out the new Q&A Series with Rael, as well as the latest news from the BASI community around the globe.