Interview with Ryan Kalish, Former Major League Baseball Player, Future BASI Instructor
14 Mar

Hi, my name is Ryan Kalish and I’m a former major league baseball player. I played professionally for 12 years and now after that career, I’m transferring to become a BASI Pilates instructor and I’m so excited about it.

BASI Happenings, Volume 3
11 Mar

March is buzzing with a wide variety of programs and workshops that are offered all around the world. We are continuing our efforts to make LFTL’19 and the post-conference events a memorable experience for you! Check out the trainings and two of our sponsors for BASI LFTL Newport Beach’19. Love, The BASI Team

Let’s read Lisa’s memories from LFTL’13
11 Mar

I went to my first LFTL in 2013 in California, and apart from it being incredibly exciting to travel to BASI HQ, I was also really nervous that I wouldn't be good enough, or would embarrass myself. What I discovered on arrival though was something quite unique and different from what I had imagined.

Pilates Nerd
25 Feb

"Pilates Nerd is so excited to be a part of the upcoming BASI Learn from the Leaders conference in May. One of my greatest joys is connecting people through Pilates and a conference is a perfect place to do just that! Something profound happens at a conference - it’s a collective of people with shared enthusiasm seeking to elevate themselves and hone their craft. It’s a totally beautiful experience.

BASI Happenings, Volume 2
05 Feb

January was a month full of intense training, sharing the love of Pilates with others and making new friends. Check out what we have been up to, and discover what’s coming up next.
Love, The BASI Team