Rael Isacowitz

This is a workshop that investigates new dimensions in movement and equipment. Since the creation of the Pilates Method by its founder, Joseph Pilates, it is impossible to ignore the advances in equipment design and scientific knowledge. Although I am a fervent believer in never losing sight of the source and always honoring the founder of the method, it is as important to fully investigate the advances that have occurred. We need to understand them and utilize them with knowhow and integrity. If not, we risk the Pilates Method becoming a hodgepodge of “just exercises” with no roots and very little substance – altered beyond recognition. In this workshop we will look at some great advanced in the equipment and the movement and trace them directly back to their roots. This process of “exercise lineage” is vital to both evolution and maintaining the integrity of the method itself.


THE MULTI-DIMENSIONAL POWERHOUSE – A Symbiotic Relationship of Movement and Equipment

10:00 am - 12:30 pm
Plaza 1